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I am an award-winning artist who makes autobiographical drawings and animated films. I am also a Curator of "Graphic Details: Confessional Comics by Jewish Women" and PhD researcher at the University of Glasgow. I am a Director of Laydeez do Comics.


Photography by Louise Beecham

Sarah Lightman on the 'Graphic Confessions By Jewish Women' exhibition


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"The Book of Sarah, Making Visual Autobiography",

Birkbeck College Graduate Lecture, (28 November)


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Palgrave Macmillan.






Graphic Details: Essays on Confessional Comics by Jewish Women, a volume of essays and interviews, edited by Sarah Lightman will be published by McFarland in 2014.


The Book of Sarah, a visual autobiography by Sarah Lightman, will be published by Myriad Editions in 2015.


When I talked to Sarah, in April, about The Book of Sarah, I was trying to formulate my reaction to her title, wasn’t it—
‘Presumptuous.’ Sarah said.
Presumptuous, in a way, I thought, but also brave.
By giving her memoir a Biblical-style title, she is making a statement. Is she not saying, my life, my ordinary life, in which I have neither waged wars nor been involved in politics, is a life worth recording? And also, the unregarded stories of women are worth recording too.

Like the lives of many women’s in the Bible, Sarah’s might go uncharted. She is depicting, for the most part, everyday things that another might consider too mundane to document.

Peripheria by Barbara Cotter (June 2013)


Upstart Judge


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